Kidville Cove

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Come aboard and sail into a world of imagination at Kidville Cove, a state of the art children’s playroom located in Palazzo Della Luna on the exclusively renowned Fisher Island in Miami Florida.  This Mediterranean-style, waterfront luxury boutique residential development on renowned Fisher Island in Miami, Florida was completed in 2020, and with it, Kidville Cove. McCulley Design Lab designed an immersive, colorful space filled with discovery and whimsy, showcasing their imagination, versatility and attention to design detail.

The creativity of McCulley Design Lab, in close collaboration with Kidville and PDS Development, resulted in this one of a kind adventure island playroom, Kidville Cove. Children are invited to explore the pirate ship, venture through the Noodle Forest, and climb the ladder to the Tiki Hut.

“Drawing inspiration from the neighboring Caribbean islands, our goal in designing Kidville Cove was to elicit surprise and delight with a totally immersive experience that encourages imaginative play and a sense of exploration.”

This interactive play space encourages children to learn through discovery and hands-on play. Blackboards and chalk hung on the bamboo walls of the tiki hut allow kids to express themselves, while the fully stocked play kitchen attracts kids to this cozy corner. Hidden sea creatures in a barrier reef add to the sense of discovery and transform the otherwise merely aesthetic wall into a place of learning and education.

“We intentionally designed every area in Kidville Cove to provide opportunities for both independent and interactive play, so that each child could find something new to explore or discover upon subsequent visits.”

McCulley Design Lab’s  understanding of research-based design was woven throughout this project, resulting in interactive elements, diversity of texture, materials and other tactile and stimulating visual features. Wellbeing and safety were crucial considerations during the design process.

The Solana Beach based design firm displayed their creative, innovative and resourceful use of materials, designing a noodle forest made from foam pool noodles, complete with overarching palm fronds, as well as the barrier reef designed from cut PVC pipes, creating a layered wall feature.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to see how children completely light up when they enter the space and how they are completely transported.”

McCulley Design Lab’s  unique ability to think outside of the box resulted in a powerful playroom with thoughtful attention to detail, down to the clouds on the ceiling and the secret treasure chest on the pirate ship, as well as the carefully selected vibrant custom island wall mural that transports you to a Caribbean island.  Cast your sails and voyage into this design adventure known as Kidville Cove!

Status: Completed 2020

  • Pirate ship fun playroom design
  • Pirate ship fun playroom design
  • Luxury pirate ship with blue ocean wallpaper
  • Kidville Cove McCulley Design Lab children playroom luxury interior design
  • Chalk boards hanging on bamboo wall
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