Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort

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Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort is an all-inclusive pet resort for dogs and cats offering boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and a full veterinary hospital.

Located in San Diego, California, Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort is in a unique location, affording us a design opportunity to highlight Dr. Boyd’s pet-centric brand with playful exterior graphics and vibrant interior environmental graphics. The exterior graphics are highly visible to commuters both on the nearby freeway and those traveling by air as well. The scope of work included environmental graphic design, signage design, and exterior re-imaging.

  • Pet resort rebranding entry design
  • Cat face in window of newly branded pet resort
  • Logo on red wall of successfully reimaged pet resort
  • Dr Boyds fun exterior reimaging with cat silhouette
  • Creative hallway graphics in pet resort
  • Window decal of ball in rebranded pet resort
  • Wall mural of dogs in rebranded pet resort
  • Quote on white door in rebranded pet resort
  • Process work of pet resort design
  • Steps to sucessful rebranding of pet resort in San Diego
  • Wall graphics of creative new pet resort design San Diego
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