Luxury Kids’ Playroom on Fisher Island

The 266-square-foot Kidville Cove offers a treasure trove of fun stuff to keep children entertained for hours, among the gems a Playmor baby yacht. The room is painted in shades of blue to replicate a cove-like environment, complete with cloud-shaped overhead light fixtures and walls depicting palm trees and sandy shores.

“Drawing inspiration from the neighboring Caribbean islands, our goal in designing Kidville Cove was to elicit surprise and delight with a totally immersive experience that encourages imaginative play and a sense of exploration,” says San Diego, Calif.-based McCulley Design Lab’s Janet McCulley, who designed the kid-centric amenity at Palazzo Della Luna in collaboration with Kidville and PDS Development.

“To achieve that, we incorporated many interactive elements. Little ones can get lost in a dense ‘forest’ of pool noodles, or commandeer a pirate ship and play make-believe with a treasure chest full of costumes and treasures. A wall-mounted ‘barrier reef’ is alive with sea creatures that guests are encouraged to identify by name. And the full-scale Tiki Hut has a gallery kitchen for tiny chefs to whip up island fare for fellow castaways. We intentionally designed every area in Kidville Cove to provide opportunities for both independent and interactive play, so that each child could find something new to explore or discover upon subsequent visits.”

McCulley says for her, the work has been richly rewarding.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to see how children completely light up when they enter the space,” she says, “And how they are completely transported.”

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