Copyright + Legal

The designs and images shown on this site are copyright protected by a variety of entities. Please respect this and do not download any image without our written permission.

The client work shown on this site is owned by the client and they hold copyright to their own brand identities (dimensional, graphic and digital) in that the design work was created and legally transferred to their business per contractual agreements…so unless otherwise noted, the design product shown is copyright protected by the client referenced.

Over the past 20 + years the design and client work shown represent creative direction under John McCulley as a design principal of the following organizations: McCulley Design Group Inc., McCulley Group LLC, McCulley Design LLC, Fitch + Richardson Smith Inc, Fitch Inc, or Carrier Johnson 2007 and are instruments of service of those business entities. In addition, I was fortunate to collaborate, as design principal of McCulley Design Group Inc., extensively from 1988 – 1998 with Rob Quigley, FAIA, Architects. As a result, Rob Quigley Architects holds copyright on all the architectural designs shown under his direction. In 2007 I sold McCulley Group LLC to Carrier Johnson inc. and all of McCulley Group LLC work product not under client copyright is to be noted as Carrier Johnson Inc 2006 – 2007 copyright.

Professional photography copyright of the design work will be noted on the images shown. Of note, we have proudly used over the years “Glenn Cormier of Insight Architectural Photography” and “Hewitt Garrison Photography” as our professional photographers of choice, and their work holds all applicable copyright protection. All other photography of questionable quality can be attributed to John McCulley.


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